Cohesive Construction is the premier construction company in Greymouth for commercial, industrial & agribusiness buildings.


At Cohesive Construction, we take immense pride in our extensive range of services, including quantity surveying, construction and project management for commercial and industrial builds. With years of experience in the industry, our professional team has successfully completed a diverse array of projects, from aircraft hangars to load out facilities, honey factories, salmon hatcheries, pack houses, warehousing and many more. 

No two projects are the same and that's where we excel. We specialize in creating truly customized buildings that perfectly match your requirements and specifications. Whether you need cold-rolled steel portals spanning up to 24m, U-Beams spanning between 20-40m or web trusses spanning up to 70m, our team has the expertise to bring your vision to life. We understand the materials and building methods, ensuring a seamless construction process and outstanding results. 

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end at the handover date. Cohesive Construction stands behind its work with an unmatched guarantee of service and quality. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients, extending our support beyond project completion and into your next venture.

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Unmatched expertise

Innovative building methods:
We utilise cutting-edge building techniques, including cold-rolled steel portals spanning up to 24m, U-Beams spanning between 20-40m and web trusses spanning up to 70m.These methods guarantee structural integrity and long lasting results for your commercial or industrial facility. 

Safety and quality assurance: Safety is paramount in our approach. We prioritize "Safety in Design" to create secure working environments and our expertise in constructing firewalls and intertenancy walls ensures enhanced safety measures for your building. 

Sustainable and low maintenance materials: Cohesive Construction is committed to environmentally friendly practices. We incorporate low maintenance materials into our designs, ensuring your building remains cost-effective and efficient for years to come. 

Expertise in contaminated sites:
Navigating construction on contaminated sites can be challenging but with our experience, you can trust us to handle such projects with utmost care, complying with all necessary regulations and safety standards. 

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Why choose Cohesive Construction West Coast?

Unparalleled expertise:

With extensive experience and expertise, our team knows the ins and outs of the construction industry, ensuring every project is handled with utmost precision and care.

Tailored solutions:

No two projects are the same and we take pride in offering custom solutions that perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Commitment to quality:

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We use the finest materials and employ best practices to deliver exceptional results.

Personalised approach:

We prioritise our clients and their satisfaction. Our dedication to service extends long after the project is completed.

Nationwide presence:

Our construction services span across the South Island, offering you access to ourexpertise wherever you are.
Explore the difference at Cohesive Construction on the West Coast, where we excel in commercial, industrial, and agribusiness construction. Connect with us now to learn what distinguishes Cohesive Construction from other West Coast construction companies and to plan your next construction endeavor.

Greymouth Supplier
– Wide Span Sheds

As the exclusive supplier of Wide Span Sheds in the South Island, Cohesive Construction takes pride in our unrivalled knowledge and experience in constructing cold-rolled steel framed sheds. From garages to warehouses to aircraft hangars, we can handle it all.

Our Wide Span buildings offer pre-engineered structures, tailored with site specific engineering for New Zealand's unique environment and ground conditions. Constructed using cold-rolled New Zealand Steel, these buildings ensure durability and reliability for years to come.

Partner with the leading commercial and industrial construction company in Greymouth.

Combining experience, expertise and a commitment to quality, Cohesive Construction is your dedicated commercial and industrial construction partner in Greymouth. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how we can bring your vision to life with our industry leading solutions.

Let's build a better future together.        
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