Sandstone Grey and Ironsand
Shed Home
$750k - $1.5mil

Hangar Home

Located at the Central Otago Airport and situated amongst the ruggedly beautiful mountains is this beautiful Hangar home. The client wanted a home that would maximize the mountain views surrounding the site, one that would handle the extreme weather conditions of Central Otago, and a home suitable for a couple but able to accommodate friends and family with space to house the visitor's planes. As the house is joined to a light aircraft hangar it required a 60-minute firewall between the two spaces. Keeping the roof and most of the wall cladding (Metalcraft T-Rib MC760) the same as the hangar (Metalcraft T-Rib) ensured they read as one building Other features included Alpine stone (Schist 150) on the columns and ensuite walls, window and doors are thermally broken with argon gas and low E coating, and a wide north-facing and a retractable louvered roof in the courtyard. This home is built out of Trapezoidal and boasts the winter colours of Sandstone Grey and Iron Sand. The house itself was designed by Julie-Ann Ross of Design Arc Limited, and the hanger was designed by Cohesive Construction.
Hangar HomeHangar Home

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