Ebony cladding and Weathertex Weathergroove in Natural colour
Shed Home
$750k - $2mil

The Rosedale Home

The Rosedale Lodge is a dream shed home turned reality for a retiree couple from South Canterbury. Located in a quiet rural spot, this 336m2 home allowed the couple to have an extra bedroom and ensuite for their elderly mother, storage for all the toys, and a modern and open-plan living area. The couple came to us with a clear brief as to what they had in mind. With the kids having long flown the coop and at a stage where retirement age was on the horizon, there was a need for easy, efficient living spaces and room for all the toys. Split more or less in half over the 27.5m x 12m footprint, the couple's collection of classic vehicles occupies a three-bay 14 x 12 area, whilst the living sits on a foam-insulated slab with generous windows capturing any available sun. With future-proofing in mind, the couple chose to add a pre-engineered mezzanine floor. This space allows for a further 108m2 habitable space to be constructed that could convert to an additional 4 bedrooms. Having now been in the home for over 6 months our clients report there is nothing at all they would change and they would recommend this solution to anyone wanting to combine storage and living.
The Rosedale HomeThe Rosedale Home

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